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AngelReader: A minimalist but powerful GUI application that has the capability to load 1 E-BOOKS in plain text format and in other electronic formats (under development) that will be compatible with the minimalist style with the least use of both software and hardware resources possible. It can also load 2 AUDIO-BOOKS with the basic functions of play, stop, pause, and resume with the same minimalist economy that doesn't hog computer resources. It is an e-book and audio-book loader integrated into one intuitively portable, cross platform, robust application. The software could be useful for either classroom or office environment; for personal or commercial use; for general learning or access to practical information.

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Released at 2018-09-25 14:34
AngelReader tagalognt-release 1.3 (7 files Hide)

Release Notes


This is the AngelReader tagalognt-release 1.3 for the Windows OS platform.

We added three more dropdown menus -- making a total of four -- to accomodate the 27 titles of the Tagalog N.T. audiobooks.

The AngelReader remains stable and robust in its performance.

Please view the README3.txt for other important details about this release.



This is the AngelReader wattles-release 1.1 for the Windows OS platform. The application continues to show its stability and robustness in various testings.

In this release we put a khaki background on the text window for an eye-friendly setting for reading as well as set the font to bold for clearer text display.

All the buttons and mechanisms present state: OK

Please see the README.txt for the new exciting e-books and audio-book contents that go with this release.

God bless and enjoy!


This is AngelReader allen-release 1.0 for the Windows OS platform. The software has been run and tested many times and has so far been stable in its performance.

There were minor bugs that we encountered but they had been fixed.

AngelReader allen-release 1.0 is now being released to the public and any feedback will be greatly appreciated and be used for further development of the program.

E-book loader state: OK

Audiobook loader state: OK

Window resizing using main window taskbar buttons (both maximize and minimize): OK

Resizing (using mouse drag): OK

Sound Check: OK

Scrolldown (using middle mouse wheel): OK

Scrolldown (using mouse pointer): OK

Basic Audio Control Buttons: OK

Thank you and Enjoy!



Three more dropdown menus for the current release was added -- making a total of 4 -- to accomodate for the 27 titles of the Tagalog N.T. audiobook.

See the README3.txt and release.txt files for other details.


A khaki background configuration for the window text goes with this release for a more eye-friendly reading experience.

The e-book text is also made larger and set to bold for a clearer text display.

See the README2.txt file for other details.


AngelReader has been designed in such a way that the e-book information will have the priority in the reading before the actual text of the e-book. The user, while in the e-book mode, must usually press first the 'info button' to display the description of a chosen e-book before the 'e-book button' will be in the active mode to display the text of the e-book. This behavior is not a bug but part of the design to first display the e-book license and description and then afterward give access to its text itself.