How to use BurageSnap

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BurageSnap searches and captures the game screen of the latest played one of the games specified previously. There are some games in the options by default. If you use for other games, please add the title of the window in the option dialog. BurageSnap saves the captured screen as the JPEG format. You can choose the PNG format in the dialog. When you see the saved files, you can use the folder button to see the folder.

In the burst mode, the capture button changes to the start button. Pushing it starts capturing continuously 5 frames per second. You can specify  prefered fps in the dialog. BurageSnap doesn't store captured images into files, but its ring buffer. When the number of captured images is more than 25, the oldest image drops. You can specify this number in the dialog. By pushing the stop button, BurageSnap stops capturing and outputs the images in the ring buffer into files.

We recommend you keep BurageSnap capturing in the burst mode for a long while. You can stop capturing just after something special causes in the game screen. It can generate the image files retroactive to the special thing. You can set the option of the GIF animations in the dialog. In this setting, it doesn't generate separate files but a concatenated GIF animation. The size of the GIF animations becomes the 560px optimized to Twitter.