Announcement: Separating and Transferring of the User Support Project
2017-09-22 20:55 (by sado)

Since this website has officially started operating in 2002, this OSDN Admin (former SourceForge Admin) Project has accepted bug reports, support requests, demands for new features, and such from our users. However, when the brand name was changed to OSDN two years ago, there have been cases of former brand being used in project URLs, mostly by new developers, and we began to see confusions due to a lot of remaining tickets attributed to former brand period.

For those reasons, we are starting a new user support project, and therefore from today, we will start answering to all kinds of user support requests. The new separated and relocated project site is as follows.

By the way, we will continue to support the open tickets still remaining on OSDN Admin Project, but if you are going to issue a new ticket, we would greatly appreciate your visiting our new project site.

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