Virus Detection Feature on Project File Release
2018-06-26 14:01 (by sado)

System side will now perform Virus scan for files that are uploaded on project's file release.

  • Scan result will be shown on the pages of a release list and such.
  • For virus scanning, VirusTotal ( is used.
  • VirusTotal checks for viruses by using multiple Virus detection engines in aggregated manner. Among these engines, there are a few very sensitive ones that frequently send false positives. Therefore, in rare occasions, virus warning message may appear against a practically and absolutely safe file. (Thus, even with the scan result from VirusTotal, the file cannot be immediately determined as dangerous.) Please review the detailed result to judge its safety.
  • Also, this feature does not guarantee that a file is free of Virus infection, with its scan result.
  • When there are a certain number of warnings as a result of detecting viruses, the result will be notified to the administer of the file project and the person in charge of the file release, by email. (Because a recheck may be performed after a certain period of time, there are cases that you may receive multiple notifications for a single file. )
  • If a file is judged to have a problem, the site admin side may make necessary measures such as making it private or deleting it.
  • Due to the size limit on VirusTotal's API, virus scan for files that are over 350MB cannot be performed.
  • Scan result will not be displayed immediately after the upload. (Due to the behavior of the VirusTotal, and the API's access limit, it will take at least 30 minutes, and there are even cases that could take a few days.)
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