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Show more visually cymbals

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Dear Yagi,

I have a possible software development request for you. I use 3 cymbals (crash2, crash3, china) in the place or Right cymbal with the same midi output. When I create the simfile, I use the 3 different cymbals. Can you possibly solve somehow that the program visually shows the 3 separate symbals, not only the Right cymbal? It can be a different colour or a symbol which shows the difference. There is a possibility in DtxCrator to show them in different colours, but it doesn't work.

I popularize your program. :) I have my own page where I upload the simfiles: http://www.facebook.com/metalonlydtxmaniasimfiles

Many thanks for your reply in advance coloszoltan1977@gmail.com


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2016-01-21 01:26 Updated by: yyagi

Hi mealdtx, thank you for your comments.

For me, (crash2, splash and china) are prefer, but anyway, I'll consider about it...

# crash2, crash3, splash and china are better?

2016-01-21 22:06 Updated by: metaldtx
Yes, that would be even better.

You can be implemented?

2016-02-18 19:48 Updated by: metaldtx

You deal with the matter? When will the development? I gladly tested the new feature.

2016-02-25 03:43 Updated by: yyagi

Yes, I have ability to implement it, but "implementable" and "do it now" is different. We'll do it later. (now we're doing other high-priority tasks...)

sorry for your incovenient.

2016-05-05 17:37 Updated by: metaldtx
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I did not want to instruct you, I only wanted to ask you a favour but unfortunately my English is not strong enough to express the difference. So I would like to ask you – if you have a little time – to create a version (not an official release) where instead of the right cymbal if there is a 34 or 37 clip, there is different symbol visible on the screen.

(if it was not time to do it please help me, how could I do it for myself. I am a programmer, software developer in Delphi database. Which version of Visual Studio? What extensions? etc.)

Many thanks for your help in advance.


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