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Easy PHP Thumbnail Class can be used to manipulate
images and generate thumbnails. It can load images
from files and generate thumbnails that can be
saved to files or be generated as the current
script output. The class can also perform other
image manipulation functions such as adding
shadows, clipping rounded corners, filters, bilineair image deformations, and more. Over 45 image manipulation functions are available.

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2010-11-02 01:46

The transparency function, Maketransparent, was improved. An option to keep the transparency of the source image was added. A canvas function was added to create an image from memory. A base64 function was added to output a thumbnail as base64 encoded data. The "polaroid" and "displacementmap" functions were added to the open source version. The Addtext function was added to add text to the original image. Comments were added to the code to allow custom "lightweight" builds. A bug in the displacementmap function was fixed.
Tags: Stable (2.0.x)

2010-04-16 00:35

The option to save a thumbnail with a new filename was adde. The option to set both the width and height of a thumbnail was added. A bug was fixed in the chmod option. Animated PNG (ANPG) support was added.
Tags: Stable

2009-12-10 07:27

A bugfix in the resize function related to percentage and inflation parameters.
Tags: Stable

2009-10-09 21:35

This release adds a square crop option to the Cropimage() function.
Tags: Stable

2009-05-19 06:20

This release adds many new features and effects. It optimizes the code and fixes some minor bugs.
Tags: Stable (2.0.x)

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