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JFBTERM(J Framebuffer terminal)
は Linux の framebuffer 上で漢字を表示するためのプログラムです。
KON 同様に疑似端末を使ってコンソール出力をフックしますが、VGA ではなく、
framebuffer に展開しています。

System Requirements

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Released at 2003-09-14 06:04
jfbterm 0.4.2 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

jfbterm 0.4.2

- 罫線文字の扱いを修正しました。
- 不明な encoding の時は iconv を使って iso10646 fontを使って表示しようと
- ioperm がない環境で build できなくなっていたのを直しました。


2003-09-14 Fumitoshi UKAI <>

* version 0.4.2 released

2003-09-14 Fumitoshi UKAI <>

* (install-data-local): install fonts

* fonts: added
* fonts/vt100-graphics.pcf.gz:
provided by Toshio Kasuga <>

* jfbterm.conf.sample: add vt100-graphics

* merge patch by Toshio Kasuga <>

* vtermlow.c (memset2): added
(lset): added
(tvterm_clear): renamed from tvterm_bzero2
attr should be cleared by p->pen.bcol
(tvterm_lclear): renamed from rvterm_lzero
attr should be cleared by p->pen.bcol
* terminfo.jfbterm (sgr0): \E[0m - tpen_off_all_attribute()
* terminfo.jfbterm (rmso): \E[27m - tpen_no_reverse()
* terminfo.jfbterm (op): \E[37;40m - tpen_set_color() white/black

* vterm.c (tvterm_esc_set_attr): implements smacs,smpch
(tvterm_find_font_index): added
(tvterm_esc_designate_font): use tvterm_find_font_index
* terminfo.jfbterm (acsc): updated

* font.c (gFont): add jisx0213-2000-1, jisx0213-2000-2, vt100-graphics

* terminfo.jfbterm (el1): added (clr_bol)

2003-09-05 Fumitoshi UKAI <>

* vterm.h (TCodingSystem): add saved state
* vterm.c (tvterm_finish_otherCS): restore old state
(tvterm_switch_to_otherCS): save current state

* tvterm.h tvterm.c: code cleanup

* util.c: include <sys/io.h> ifdef HAVE_IOPERM

* jfbterm.conf.sample jfbterm.conf.sample: fix typo KOI8-R
other encodings are commented out, because these are
default configurations.

2003-09-04 Fumitoshi UKAI <>

* jfbterm.conf.sample jfbterm.conf.sample: delete other-coding-system
* main.c (tapp_setup_encoding): default to other,<encname>,iconv,UTF-8
delete code about "other-coding-system"
* vterm.c (tvterm_esc_rbracket): added
(gOtherCodingSystem): deleted
(tvterm_parse_other): don't free here
(tvterm_codingSystem_final): free old fromcode,tocode
(tvterm_switch_to_other): use static TCodingSystem
(tvterm_esc_start): add tvterm_esc_rbracket for 1/11 5/13
delete gOtherCodingSystem
(tvterm_show_sequence): rewrite to use 1/11 5/13 encode 0/5
* vterm.h (tvterm_setup_otherCodingSystem): deleted

* jfbterm.conf.sample jfbterm.conf.sample.ja: add SUPPORTED encodings

* util.h (util_privilege_open): ifdef HAVE_IOPERM
* util.c (util_privilege_open): ifdef HAVE_IOPERM