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Manjyu is a open source web application for classify URL with your taste. Based on Java EE 6 (JSF Facelets). GlassFish Server or later and PostgreSQL 9.1 is required.

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Released at 2012-11-19 20:55
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Release Notes

= Manjyu =
Manjyu is URL management system for classify URL as you want.


== Demo page ==

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== System Requirements ==
* Based on Java EE 6 (JSF Facelets).
* GlassFish Server or later is required.
* PostgreSQL 9.1 is required.

== Licensing ==
Manjyu is licensed under a LGPL/EPL dual license, allowing use of the files under the terms of any one of the GNU Lesser General Public License or the Eclipse Public License.

== Source Code ==
[ Source Code]

== Technology ==
* Powered By: [ Javadoc]
* Powered By: [ JavaServer Facelets]
* Powered By: [ GlassFish Server]
* Powered By: [ PostgreSQL 9.1]
* Powered By: [ blanco Framework]
* Manjyu coding rule is [ here].


TODO External link must be visible. ie, http or https ... should be shown.
TODO VARCHAR size should be 4000.
TODO Adding ASIN and ISBN link function.
TODO Adding normal string to Murmur?
TODO Expand murmur text length.
TODO Logon jsf must be HTTPS! But mixed http and https sometimes causes browser error.
TODO RSS based Murmur I/O.
TODO Blog. ?
TODO Directory: Report error when non exists keyword is specified.
TODO Add location info to Murmur. POINT field will be added to another table.