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Project Description

We are developing home appliance automation, crime prevention, disaster prevention, voice control system

Check the temperature of the room from the place to go and drive a cooler

When the outside becomes dark in the evening, I turn on the lights of the entrance and the room

Watering the home garden based on the humidity outside on dawn

Email security when the security sensor works

Sound music at a fixed time

Notify by e-mail and phone (Wan Gi) when the fire detector reports

Intermittently operate underfloor ventilation fan based on outside air humidity

I am practicing IOT House at Raspberry Pi.

After playing with Raspberry Pi, let's realize home electronics & home security with Remote-Hand Raspberry_pi.

System Requirements

System requirement is not defined

Released at 2017-07-29 23:02
Remote-Hand Raspberry_pi 0.37 (0 files Hide)

Release Notes

The Remote-Hand_Raspberry_pi_0.37 we were released.

Practice IOT house

Raspberry Pi is practicing automation of home electronics, development of crime prevention and disaster prevention system, and IoT house.

After playing with Raspberry Pi, let's realize home automation & home security with Remote-Hand Raspberry_pi.

Download from the following URL

After starting in the web browser

Username : remote

Password : hand

Login , to perform the initial configuration of the server in the server control tab , and will be reflected if restart

For more information about the following URL reference



Raspberry Piで家電の自動化や防犯・防災システム開発、IoTハウスを実践しています。

Raspberry Piで遊んだ後はRemote-Hand Raspberry_piでホームオートメーション&ホームセキュリティを実現しよう。


o 2017.7.29 Ver0.37

o Raspbian Ver: 7.11

o kernel Ver: 4.1.19

o Raspbian update

o Addition of audio file playback function

o Addition of data use function of remote host

o Other trivial bug fixes

o Raspbianのアップデート

o 音声ファイル再生機能追加

o リモートホストのIO取得機能追加

o 他些細なバグ修正