NOTE: Important changes have been made to the RebornOS "cosmic" files. The "cosmic" files are a very important part during the installation of the distribution, and it is through them that you can later add new features (or remove obsolete ones).
If you do not want to make these changes, your system will continue to work without problems. The only thing you will not be able to do is receive the new options that RebornOS offers for the rest of the systems.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you use the RebornOS-2020.05.25-x86_64.iso installer (or newer when available), no change is necessary.

The old cosmic files will be removed on the first day of July. After this removal the old installers will stop working.


If you do not do the following, your installation will continue to work, but you will not be able to automatically get any updates that may happen from now on.
The old "cosmic" files will be removed from our repository shortly.

IMPORTANT: Installers prior to 2020.05.25 will stop working. This will happen when the old files are removed from our server. So we recommend that you download a new copy of the installer.

The steps to follow are those:

First of all, update your system:

sudo pacman -Syyu

Then follow these steps:

(1). The following is common for any of the desktops you have installed. So, open the terminal and run:
sudo pacman -Rdd common-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -Rdd full-base-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -Rdd graphic-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm

(2). There are two more cosmic files that may (or may not) be present on your system. run the following two commands from the terminal. If you get an error message, don't worry, that will mean those files don't exist in your installation:
sudo pacman -Rdd cups-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm
sudo pacman -Rdd common-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm

(3). Now we will install the new files common to whatever desktop you have installed:
sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-common --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-cups --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-full-base --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-graphic --noconfirm

(4). The following are the changes to be made depending on the desktop you are running:

(A) For Budgie:
sudo pacman -Rdd budgie-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-budgie --noconfirm

(B) For Cinnamon (or Windows):
sudo pacman -Rdd cinnamon-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-cinnamon --noconfirm

(C) For Deepin:
sudo pacman -Rdd deepin-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-deepin --noconfirm

(D) For GNOME (or Apricity):
sudo pacman -Rdd gnome-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-gnome --noconfirm

(E) For i3:
sudo pacman -Rdd i3-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-i3 --noconfirm

(F) For KDE:
sudo pacman -Rdd kde-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-kde --noconfirm

(G) For LXQt:
sudo pacman -Rdd lxqt-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-lxqt --noconfirm

(H) For MATE:
sudo pacman -Rdd mate-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-mate --noconfirm

(I) For Openbox:
sudo pacman -Rdd openbox-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-openbox --noconfirm

(J) For Pantheon:
sudo pacman -Rdd elementary-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-pantheon --noconfirm

(K) For XFCE:
sudo pacman -Rdd xfce-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && rebornos-cosmic-xfce --noconfirm

(L) For Enlightenment:
sudo pacman -Rdd enlightenment-cosmic-reborn --noconfirm && sudo pacman -S rebornos-cosmic-enlightenment --noconfirm

Here ends the procedure.