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Dynamic Scripts Library AutoLoader. rsLIB is the acronym of 'require async library' and a scripts library autoloader . It loads Scripts (js, json, ...) and even style sheets (CSS) DINAMICALLY and SYNCHRONOUS.

Return an GLOBAL object 'rsLIB' for use in an immediate resource (variable, method, object ...) from library. This object contains some interesting properties and methods, among others, a very useful event 'onComplete (..)' to pass a callback.

System Requirements

Cross-Browser in Client-side with enabled javascript


rsLIB :: load in the HTML-Head section Of course the first step starts loading the script. We use the tag HTML < script ... / > in the Head page. The script handles dyn... Show How to Install


rsLIB :: CodeIf you need to use a variable or execute any library function immediately, it should be within the event rsLIB.onComplete(callback) passing a function as a callback. For ex... Show Usage

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