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Pre-configured images of my Raspberry Pi operating systems, used for backup essentially, if they help anyone else, good !

These files just need flashing to the appropiately sized SD card and then booting in your Pi, no install needed.

You will need to use the dd command if the SD card is the same size as the image, if larger you can flash the SD card with "Startup Disk Creator" or similar.

You should be able to login with root/root and in most Raspbian releases pi/raspberry for username/password and then change the passwords for security as well as creating any new users if you plan on using them.

Notes specific to each OS will be listed in the relevant README files.

System Requirements

Operating System: Project is OS Distribution-Specific, Project is an Operating System Distribution

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Latest 5 files
Name Size Date Download count
ARCH-U3-LXDE-MALI.img.tar.gz 991.5 MB 2014-07-07 00:50 13
ARCH-U3-LXDE-NO-DRIVERS.img.tar.gz 815.5 MB 2014-07-07 00:37 3
ODROID-ARCH_README.txt 0.9 KB 2014-07-06 23:24 6
ARCH-U3-INSTALLED-SOFTWARE.txt 1.6 KB 2014-07-06 23:24 10
odroid_readme.txt 1.1 KB 2014-07-05 20:20 3
All Files
ARCH-U3-LXDE-MALI.img.tar.gz991.5 MB2014-07-07 00:5013
ARCH-U3-LXDE-NO-DRIVERS.img.tar.gz815.5 MB2014-07-07 00:373
ODROID-ARCH_README.txt0.9 KB2014-07-06 23:246
ARCH-U3-INSTALLED-SOFTWARE.txt1.6 KB2014-07-06 23:2410
odroid_readme.txt1.1 KB2014-07-05 20:203
couchpotatoe-ICS-U3-SD-mashup.img.tar.gz1,744.1 MB2014-07-03 05:244
odroid-lubuntu-14.04-xbmc-mashup.img.tar.gz3,340.7 MB2014-06-30 04:3163
odroid-xubuntu-xbmc-mashup.img.tar.gz1,626.6 MB2014-05-11 22:1533
xubuntu-odroid-u3.img.tar.gz1,614.7 MB2014-05-04 23:3128
Open-Pi config files
open-pi-config_README.txt0.1 KB2014-06-15 22:144
rc.xml25.0 KB2014-06-15 22:124
menu.xml1.5 KB2014-06-15 22:1210
autostart0.4 KB2014-06-15 22:128
tint2rc3.7 KB2014-06-15 22:1123
_conkyrc3.4 KB2014-06-15 22:093
_bashrc3.3 KB2014-06-15 22:093
open-pi-0.1.img.tar.gz737.2 MB2014-06-15 22:081
open-pi_README.txt1.0 KB2014-06-15 22:083
installed-software.log14.4 KB2014-06-15 22:081
pibox_readme.txt2.5 KB2014-05-12 20:064
Raspbmc-mashup-backup.img.tar.gz3,855.4 MB2014-05-11 19:3710
maynard-raspbian.img.tar.gz1,424.7 MB2014-05-04 07:0612
piplug.img.tar.gz1,336.0 MB2014-05-04 03:4615
raspbian_minimal.img.tar.gz300.7 MB2014-04-27 23:218
raspbian_pikiosk.img.tar.gz1,405.1 MB2014-04-22 01:119
raspbmc.img.tar.gz2,278.6 MB2014-04-21 11:3025
raspbian_piserver.img.tar.gz4,254.2 MB2014-04-21 11:264
raspbian_coder.img.tar.gz1,451.5 MB2014-04-21 10:145
openelec_readme.txt0.5 KB2014-05-12 20:032
openelec.img.tar.gz1,544.0 MB2014-05-12 02:2954
openelec-mashup-backup.img.tar.gz188.6 MB2014-05-10 21:0820
openelec-mashup.img.tar.gz188.6 MB2014-05-10 21:0630
slitaz-pi.img.tar.gz1,599.9 MB2014-05-05 20:5962
slitaz-readme.txt0.6 KB2014-05-05 19:375
picore-5.2.img.tar.gz322.1 MB2014-05-03 21:2515
picore-readme0.6 KB2014-05-03 21:1323
opensuse-pi.img.tar.gz889.0 MB2014-05-03 19:375
opensuse-pi.img6.0 MB2014-05-03 18:4610
opensuse-pi-readme0.6 KB2014-05-03 18:434
archpi_xfce.img.tar.gz2,878.4 MB2014-04-22 01:011
archpi_lxde.img.tar.gz2,873.9 MB2014-04-22 00:116
archpi_nogui.img.tar.gz2,808.3 MB2014-04-21 21:184
archpibox_readme.txt1.1 KB2014-04-21 18:321