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Tenfourbird is unofficial build of Mozilla Thunderbird for PowerPC based Mac OS X.

Tenfourbird uses changesets of TenFourFox.

Latest version is 38.9.0.

System Requirements

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Released at 2013-02-22 19:30
Langpack for Tenfourbird 17.0.3 (14 files Hide)

Release Notes

Tenfourbird 17.0.3 language pack


The following langpacks are updated on 17.0.3

lang taglanguageregionxpisourcebase repository
de Deutsch xpi source THUNDERBIRD_17_0_3esr_RELEASE
fr Français xpi source THUNDERBIRD_17_0_3esr_RELEASE
ja-JP-mac 日本語 日本 xpi source THUNDERBIRD_17_0_3esr_RELEASE
en-GB English United Kingdom xpi source THUNDERBIRD_17_0_3esr_RELEASE
es-ES Español España xpi source THUNDERBIRD_17_0_3esr_RELEASE
it Italiano xpi source THUNDERBIRD_17_0_3esr_RELEASE

Changesets for updated langpacks are packed in all-in-one tar.xz file.

The following langpacks are NOT UPDATED on 17.0.3

lang taglanguageregionxpisourcechangesetbase repository
nl Nederlands xpi source changeset THUNDERBIRD_17_0esr_RELEASE
pt-BR Português Brasil xpi source changeset THUNDERBIRD_17_0esr_RELEASE
pl Polski xpi source changeset THUNDERBIRD_17_0esr_RELEASE
ru Русский xpi source changeset THUNDERBIRD_17_0esr_RELEASE

how to install langpack

  1. Download XPI file.
  2. Menu Tools > Add-ons
  3. On Add-on Manager, click top-right gear icon button, choose Install Add-on From File...
  4. Select langpack xpi file.

Enable langpack

Enable langpack manually

  1. Menu Tenfourbird > Preferences...
  2. Choose Advanced tab, click Config Editor ... button
  3. Read Warning carefully
  4. search general.useragent.locale
  5. change general.useragent.locale to new langpack locale.
  6. Restart Tenfourbird


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