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Re: any plans for Tenfourbird 45.5.0? (From Forum Message [#79596])2017-12-31 02:04
From Forum Open Discussion [#79596] [forum: 79596] To Message #79085 I guess it would need to be 45.5.1, given the...(None)
Yahoo Messenger Connection2016-09-20 03:45
Have just downloaded TenFourBird and like it. Hoping it would also let me still use Yahoo Messenger. However, when I...t_mrc-ct
CPU spike after sending an email2016-06-07 00:45
Hi, Every time I send an email, Tenfourbird's CPU usage on my G4 aluminim Powerbook goes up to around 15-20% and per...t_mrc-ct
Tenfourbird malware alert2016-03-28 01:03
Just wanted to let you know that the last time I tested Tenfourbird, I found a couple of malware alerts detected by A...t_mrc-ct
pop up alert insecure update2015-11-19 20:50
I just received a pop on tenfourbird saying "Something is trying to trick tenfourbird into accepting an insecure...t_mrc-ct