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Fork of Keith's WSL Patch Queue for my Win64 work

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70e595a02019-04-22 03:09:02Cesar StraussForgot to guard last patch with +win64.
f9c7f7852019-04-22 03:01:06Cesar StraussPlace the _WIN64 specific declaration of CONTEXT in its o...
3659981a2019-04-22 02:18:39Cesar StraussForward declare _CONTEXT instead of CONTEXT.
33d4cee02019-04-21 21:44:26Cesar StraussReworked "cpu features" patch to fully build on 64 bits.
e94c4e392019-04-20 21:22:48Cesar StraussAdd patch to forward declare CONTEXT for Win64.
0e5d279d2019-04-03 07:00:03Keith MarshallAdd two Win64-specific MinGW Runtime patches.
bd9c2d0c2019-04-03 06:55:20Keith MarshallMerge <winnls.h> reorganization from 5.2-trunk.
941aa6cc2019-04-03 06:02:54Keith MarshallAdd patch to update and reorganize <winnls.h> content.
e77cb33f2019-04-02 03:25:55Keith MarshallHandle w32api directory rename for 6.0-exp bookmark.
637c26972019-03-31 21:25:12Keith MarshallInitial commit.

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