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The GearHeart is un-official variant of GearHead-1, by describing behavior of Mecha in lua.

Thanks to, Credits and License

Main body of GearHead-1

GearHead: Arena is distributed under the terms of the LGPL. See "license.txt" for more details.
GearHead: Arena, a roguelike mecha CRPG, Copyright (C) 2002-2007,2008,2009 Joseph Hewitt

Joseph Hewitt, original developer of GearHead, and cooperators.

shimitei, initiator of Japanese GearHead, and cooperators.

l0ugh, core developer and core translator and core maintainer of Japanese GearHead ASCII version, and cooperators: No.422, No.912, +7boomerang, Ago, Fin., shimo, Alba and et al.

No.422 at GearHead-2nd-thread on @-Nest in SHI-TA-RA-BA BBS, developer of High-Speed-Displayed ASCII version of Japanese GearHead for MS-Windows-JP-Edition. And cooperators.

No.937 at GearHead-4th-thread on @-Nest in SHI-TA-RA-BA BBS, developer of Japanese GearHead SDL version, and cooperators.

A Manager of spoilers for Japanese GearHead, and cooperators.

Members of BBS for Japanese GearHead on SHI-TA-RA-BA BBS, and anonymous cooperators.

2008-2019 G-HAL


The license type of QRL-Maker is 3terms BSD License.
Copyright(C)2014-2019 G-HAL. All rights reserved.
Copyright(C)1999-2005 THM. All rights reserved.

The license type for following libraries is LGPLv3.
The Qt Toolkit is Copyright (C) 2017 The Qt Company Ltd.
Qt Creator is Copyright 2008-2017 The Qt Company Ltd. All rights reserved.

The license type for following files and libraries is BSD-license.
alternative/strlcpy.c , alternative/strlcat.c : Copyright (c) 1998 Todd C. Miller (OpenBSD)
alternative/mergesort.c : Copyright (c) 1992, 1993 (OpenBSD)
mystyle.h , mystyle.cpp : Copyright(C)2015 soramimi. All rights reserved.