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53660f082022-07-21 00:10:17Jaime Marquínez FerrándizAdd close button to windows
df1ec51a2022-07-19 02:16:22Jaime Marquínez FerrándizAdd support for htmlText
ec0a6d992022-07-19 02:01:37Jaime Marquínez FerrándizFix method name
2b83919d2022-07-16 05:59:54Jaime Marquínez FerrándizAdd license header
9f8132962022-07-16 05:57:36Jaime Marquínez FerrándizRemove duplicated code
492437442022-07-16 05:44:15Jaime Marquínez FerrándizAllow opening dialogs
452e094b2022-04-06 04:34:31Jaime Marquínez FerrándizAdd haxelib.json
28f57fff2022-03-31 05:26:05Jaime Marquínez FerrándizInitial commit
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Koreader backend for Haxe UI

The project is released to the public domain under the Unlicense license. See LICENSES/Unlicense.txt.

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