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Demonstration of groff .psbb request handling code, for EPS and PDF input files

Release Files

FilenameSizeTimeDownload count
groff-psbb-20171011-0.tar.xz.sig5432017-10-12 00:19:2743
groff-psbb-20171008-0.tar.xz.sig5432017-10-12 00:19:0668
groff-psbb-20171008-0.tar.xz49.49 k2017-10-12 00:18:47103
groff-psbb-20171011-0.tar.xz49.78 k2017-10-12 00:17:1681

Recent Commits

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8ca6d9692021-10-22 22:27:47Keith MarshallClean state map generator files. * GNUmakefile (clean): ...
d235cff32021-10-21 03:13:49Keith MarshallCorrectly handle lexical scans of nested PDF dictionaries...
71f0d7d82021-10-21 03:06:09Keith MarshallReport PDF context when tracing lexer state pushes. * ps...
9a532c182021-10-20 07:48:11Keith MarshallExtend debugging diagnostics to report popped lexer state...
72ebbc3a2021-10-20 05:52:07Keith MarshallSimplify building with debugging diagnostics enabled. * ...
e2724ea02021-10-20 04:50:55Keith MarshallProvide a prototype for the yylex() replacement function....
40cace6a2021-10-20 04:42:54Keith MarshallAvoid use of yacc-incompatible bison directives. * psbb....
9e8486a12021-10-20 04:37:52Keith MarshallIgnore ".map" files in source directory. * .hgignore: Re...
e25e11c62017-10-17 06:06:35Keith MarshallAdd lexer state mapping for debugging trace logs. * GNUm...
e975dbad2017-10-16 02:49:02Keith MarshallAdd support for out-of-source builds. * GNUmakefile (src...
The code in this directory implements a proposed new API, extending
the capabilities of groff's .psbb request to support extraction of the
bounding box (/MediaBox) properties from PDF files, in addition to the
original support for %%BoundingBox extraction from [E]PS files.

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