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A small kernel of code for playing with Galois fields of arbitrary characteristic

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77c204d92021-08-24 11:09:29Eric HopperColor output support now more flexible via dependency inj...
0e11b6b32021-07-19 07:56:59Eric HopperMake table printout use colors if colorama and blessings ...
f08e01af2021-07-19 05:32:33Eric HopperFix comment. (Why did I use '^' and not '*'?!?)
54f612552021-03-29 07:42:16Eric HopperAdd Python 3.9 type annotations to numtheory_utils.
4dae57892021-03-29 07:41:47Eric HopperIgnore PyCharm stuff.
430a42982021-03-15 14:52:04Eric HopperMerge in ratpi to grabbag.
3a540f0c2021-03-15 14:38:04Eric HopperMerge local commits with commits from laptop.
568df9622021-03-15 14:37:21Eric HopperA random assortment of stuff I've been playing with.
28c4e0ee2020-02-21 07:02:28Eric HopperBetter docstrings, and make mult_inverses print not retur...
698f68182020-02-20 13:27:56Eric HopperNo more fumbling with the multiplicative inverse in prese...
This project is just me doodling with Galois Fields. The goal is to
test out some things I learned about them after studying some books
about them.

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