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C preprocessor written in Python

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d1f9849f2022-02-01 15:50:07Eric HopperAdd test of negative indexes.
962505cd2022-02-01 15:45:43Eric HopperAdd test of LazySequence and fix errors found by test. S...
54a3ee512022-02-01 15:44:20Eric HopperSmall formatting and etc.. cleanups.
b2e0830b2022-02-01 15:38:37Eric HopperSet up as a real Python project with all trimmings.
8ef443b92022-02-01 14:45:47Eric HopperFix syntax errors in type hints, remove commented out code.
6be5692f2022-02-01 12:25:30Eric HopperInitial, non-working version of lazy_sequence.py
0cbc50dd2022-02-01 10:59:23Eric HopperInitial commit

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