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The LuaTeX-ja Package $VER$
Copyright (c) 2011--2017 The LuaTeX-ja project
License: modified BSD (see COPYING)

LuaTeX-ja is a macro package for typesetting Japanese documents with LuaTeX.
This package is highly affected by ASCII pTeX engine, but not a porting of it.

Note that this package is still *alpha-stage*; documentations are not complete
and specifications are subject to change. Documentations are located at
  doc/luatexja-en.pdf (en), doc/luatexja-ja.pdf (ja).

LuaTeX-ja is developed on
If you have questions or recognize bugs/have feature requests,
we would like you to create a thread in the forum or a ticket
in the way which OSDN supplies, via links found in the page above.


0. Please make sure that your TeX distribution is up-to-date.
   This version of LuaTeX-ja requires
    - LuaTeX beta-0.85.0 or later
    - luaotfload v2.6
    - adobemapping (Adobe CMap files)
    - everysel package
    - etoolbox package
    - ltxcmds package
    - pdftexcmds package
    - atbegshi package
    - filehook package
    - stfloats package
    - IPAex fonts (http://ipafont.ipa.go.jp/)
   Hence this version does not work in TeX Live 2015 (or earlier).

1. If you are using TeX Live 2016 or later, you can install LuaTeX-ja via tlmgr.

2. If you must/want to install manually:

   a. Download the source archive from CTAN,
      or tagged as $VER$ in the Git repository by

   b. Extract the archive and process following three files by LuaLaTeX
      to generate classes for Japanese typesetting:

   c. Process src/ltj-kinsoku_make.tex by (plain) LuaTeX to generate ltj-kinsoku.lua,
      which stores default "kinsoku" parameters.

   d. Put src/ into your TEXMF tree.
      An example location is TEXMF/tex/luatex/luatexja.

      If you are updating from old version, you MUST remove it before
      extracting the new version of LuaTeX-ja.

   e. You may need to update the filename database, by mktexlsr (or by another program).

Basic Usage

LuaTeX-ja supports both the plain format and LaTeX2e.
Simply loading luatexja.sty by \input or \usepackage does the minimal setting.

- If you want to create Japanese-based documents, you can consider the use of
  ltj{article,book,report}.cls or ltjs{article,book,report}.cls.
- If you want to use functionality of the fontspec package with Japanese fonts,
  load luatexja-fontspec.sty. It defines control sequences such as \setmainjfont,
  \setsansjfont and  \jfontspec, which can be used for specifying Japanese fonts.

* This archive contains four .{dtx,ins} pairs:
    src/ltjclasses.{ins,dtx},  src/ltjltxdoc.{ins,dtx}
    src/ltjsclasses.{ins,dtx}, doc/luatexja.{ins,dtx}
  Former three pairs generate class files (see above),
  while the latter doc/luatexja.{ins,dtx} generates documentations.
  (You will need Kozuka fonts to regenerate documentaion PDFs.)

  No .{dtx,ins} pair generates .sty files of LuaTeX-ja package.

* src/*.{ins.dtx} and src/ltj-kinsoku_make.tex are not needed in regular use.

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