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Simple Notepad for Android

What is this?

Simple Notepad is a simple notepad application for Android.

The following functions are supported.

  • Add new note from template
  • Searching note
  • Creating the shortcut to a note

This software has the following features.

  • Hardware keyboard operation
  • No advertisement
  • Open source

Source Code Repository

  • R/O
  • R/O (HTTP)
  • R/W (SSH)
  • R/W (HTTPS)

Release Files

FilenameSizeTimeDownload count
notepad-app-level-11-1.0.17-signed-aligned.apk286.96 k2019-05-05 00:24:4341
notepad-app-1.0.17-signed-aligned.apk290.29 k2019-05-05 00:24:2422
notepad-project-1.0.17-project.zip5.38 M2019-05-05 00:23:5913
notepad-app-level-11-1.0.16-signed-aligned.apk287.09 k2019-02-26 11:47:1321
notepad-app-1.0.16-signed-aligned.apk283.87 k2019-02-26 11:46:5429
notepad-project-1.0.16-project.zip5.38 M2019-02-26 11:46:3126
notepad-app-1.0.15-signed-aligned.apk283.86 k2019-02-06 18:11:2926
notepad-app-level-11-1.0.15-signed-aligned.apk287.52 k2019-02-06 18:11:1725
notepad-project-1.0.15-project.zip5.38 M2019-02-06 18:10:5634
notepad-project-1.0.14-project.zip5.73 M2017-08-19 23:14:4330

Recent Commits

Rev.TimeAuthorMessage RSS
c8b771192019-05-05 01:31:33Masahiko, SAWAIAdded content description to ImageView.
44da989a2019-05-05 00:28:05Masahiko, SAWAIUpdated the app version from 1.0.17 to 1.0.18
ef00c7482019-05-05 00:10:01Masahiko, SAWAIAdded content description to ImageView.
724d00602019-05-04 23:35:08Masahiko, SAWAIRemove DB optimize background service.
0660e3152019-02-26 11:51:08Masahiko, SAWAIUpdated the app version from 1.0.16 to 1.0.17
e74937f02019-02-26 11:39:16Masahiko, SAWAIFixed a lock title dialog bug.
746800452019-02-06 18:16:49Masahiko, SAWAIUpdated the app version from 1.0.15 to 1.0.16
c5b496e92019-02-06 17:19:15Masahiko, SAWAIChanged targetSdkVersion
f2c76bd52019-02-06 17:18:27Masahiko, SAWAIRemoved some message resource not in use.
ffd0a1812019-02-06 14:59:05Masahiko, SAWAIAdded note defailt font size entries.