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5479c0912012-01-21 07:58:27Moriguchi, HirokazuMessageUtil_GetUTF8StaticBinaryBlock function: Protect st...
7414a4f62012-01-21 00:43:13Moriguchi, HirokazuMessageUtil_GetUTF8StaticBinaryBlock: Find key string by ...
c104b2422012-01-19 07:40:28Moriguchi, HirokazuUpdate how-to-build docs about message resources
d20ffc302012-01-19 07:40:26Moriguchi, HirokazuDelete mbtoutf8 and encutf8 files
b2a2988f2012-01-19 07:40:24Moriguchi, HirokazuNormalize half / full width characters
166d7d7d2012-01-19 07:40:22Moriguchi, HirokazuAdd 'u8' macro and msgutil module for UTF-8 string resour...
1c477ccd2012-01-19 07:40:21Moriguchi, HirokazuAmend VS2005EE build
28c3554b2012-01-19 01:09:51s_kawamotoAdd support for MLSD responses from some broken hosts.
8262ff7f2012-01-16 23:46:00s_kawamotoModify documents. Modify copyrights.
396672772012-01-16 22:41:39s_kawamotoCompile executable files.

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