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PukiWiki for PHP 5.4 / 5.5 release tools

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  • R/O (HTTP)
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  • R/W (HTTPS)

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2951f8852014-12-23 00:31:57umoriguImprove handling of UTF-8 only functions Now we don't ne...
d53c4f332014-12-22 23:41:59umoriguImplement converting UTF-8 source code to EUC-JP dist fil...
7efde1ab2014-12-03 01:52:50umoriguUse eucJP-ms as input codeset of NKF conversion instead o...
6a85cbda2014-12-02 03:50:56umoriguGet back PukiWiki original user files
00c36afa2014-06-11 01:39:36umoriguKeep the file timesamp of commit time
ccc91a512014-06-11 01:21:13umoriguUse git clone and reset to get snapshot revision
12ba69bb2014-06-10 03:33:24umoriguSupport Git repository
d69fbb7e2011-06-05 23:22:51henohenoallow branch_r1_4_7 etc
dd70e9302011-06-05 23:22:24henohenoallow branch_r1_4_7 etc
a664b32d2011-06-05 23:15:32henohenoBugTrack2/347: Ignore converting zh-CN.lng.php

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