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Free and Open Source RTOS for micro controllers. The OS is a complete development environment for modern MCU including a RTOS kernel, an HAL for peripherals abstraction and all the required support software. A full development environment based on Eclipse is also provided.

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Released at 2020-03-18 16:31
ChibiOS GPL Stable 20.3.x (2 files Hide)

Release Notes

*** 20.3.1 *** - NEW: STM32 ICU driver now allows to setup the ARR register in the

configuration structure, the default value should be 0xFFFFFFFFU.

- NEW: Updated debug tools to be independent from the toolchain position:

they now rely on the environment variable CHIBISTUDIO.

- NEW: Added dynamic reconfiguration API to lwIP bindings. - FIX: Fixed swapped definition in ST_STM32F746G_DISCOVERY board files

(bug #1092).

- FIX: Fixed missing symbols in GCC scatter files (bug #1091). - FIX: Fixed wrong SAI1 clock selection for STM32G4xx (bug #1090). - FIX: Fixed STM32H7xx ADC problem in dual mode (bug #1089). - FIX: Fixed invalid CHSEL DMA setting in STM32 UART drivers (bug #1088). - FIX: Fixed sector count incorrect in STM32G07/8 EFL driver (bug #1085). - FIX: Fixed sector size incorrect in STM32F413 EFL driver (bug #1084). - FIX: Fixed wrong arguments for the cacheBufferInvalidate in the STM32 SPI

demo (bug #1086).

- FIX: Fixed race condition in HAL MAC driver (bug #1083). - FIX: Fixed STM32H7 compile fails for I2C4 (bug #1082). - FIX: Fixed early interrupts enable in ARMv7-M port (bug #1081). - FIX: Fixed I2CD4 interrupt vectors are swapped versus I2CD1-I2CD3 (bug #1080). - FIX: Fixed incorrect clock check when using PLLSAI1R in ADCv3 (bug #1079). - FIX: Fixed missing checks in TIM6 and TIM7 STM32 mini drivers (bug #1078). - FIX: Fixed error in EXTIv1 ISRs (bug #1077). - FIX: Fixed problem in chMtxUnlockAllS() (bug #1076).


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