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Free and Open Source RTOS for micro controllers. The OS is a complete development environment for modern MCU including a RTOS kernel, an HAL for peripherals abstraction and all the required support software. A full development environment based on Eclipse is also provided.

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Released at 2020-03-18 16:31
ChibiOS GPL Stable 20.3.x (3 files Hide)

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*** 20.3.2 *** - NEW: Support for 3 analog watchdogs in ADCv3 (STM32F3, L4, L4+, G4). - NEW: Support for 3 analog watchdogs in ADCv5 (STM32G0). - NEW: Updated FatFS to version 0.14. - NEW: Added a new setting to STM32 USBv1 allowing for some clock deviation

from 48MHz. Renamed setting USB_HOST_WAKEUP_DURATION to STM32_USB_HOST_WAKEUP_DURATION for consistency.

- FIX: Fixed STM32 QSPI errata workaround (bug #1116). - FIX: Fixed wrong condition in STM32 BDMAv1 driver (bug #1115). - FIX: Fixed HSI48 not getting enabled on STM32H7 (bug #1114). - FIX: Fixed LPUART1 support for STM32H7xx (bug #1113). - FIX: Fixed wrong sector count in EFL driver for L4+ dual bank configuration

(bug #1112).

- FIX: Fixed wrong preprocessor checks in STM32 TIMv1 ICU driver (bug #1111). - FIX: Fixed wrong revisions handling in STM32H743 HAL (bug #1110). - FIX: Fixed missing STM32_I2C_BDMA_REQUIRED definition in I2Cv3 driver

(bug #1109).

- FIX: Fixed wrong definitions in SPC563M board files (bug #1108). - FIX: Fixed cortex-M vectors table alignment problem (bug #1107). - FIX: Fixed extra condition in MAC driver macWaitTransmitDescriptor() function

(bug #1106).

- FIX: Fixed schedule anomaly when CH_CFG_TIME_QUANTUM is greater than zero

(bug #1105).

- FIX: Fixed Virtual Timers corner case (bug #1104). - FIX: Fixed GCC6 problem breaks Cortex-M0 port (bug #985). - FIX: Fixed a wrong management of the SPI TX buffer in the ADUCM port

(bug #1103).

- FIX: Fixed STM32F4 EFL sector bug (bug #1102). - FIX: Fixed differences in STM32 EXTI (bug #1101). - FIX: Fixed STM32 DACv1 driver regressed because DMA changes (bug #1100). - FIX: Fixed STM32L0 missing LPUART IRQ initialization (bug #1099). - FIX: Fixed invalid EXTI definitions for STM32L0xx (bug #1098). - FIX: Fixed compilation error in file nvic.c (bug #1097). - FIX: Fixed STM32_DMAx_CH8_HANDLER not defined for DMAv1 (bug #1096). - FIX: Fixed STM32 EXTI2 and EXTI4 not triggering a callback (bug #1095). - FIX: Fixed STM32G4 demos compile fails if smart mode is disabled (bug #1094). - FIX: Fixed failure in chSemReset() function when counter is equal to MAXINT

(bug #1093).

- FIX: Fixed error in EXTIv1 ISRs (bug #1077).