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Free and Open Source RTOS for micro controllers. The OS is a complete development environment for modern MCU including a RTOS kernel, an HAL for peripherals abstraction and all the required support software. A full development environment based on Eclipse is also provided.

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Released at 2020-03-18 16:31
ChibiOS GPL Stable 20.3.x (5 files Hide)

Release Notes

Maintenance release, bug fixes only.


*** 20.3.4 *** - NEW: Made STM32H7 non-cacheable memory option also shareable. - NEW: STM32 improved ADCv4 driver (H7) back-ported from trunk. - NEW: New "VT Storm" test application for RT. - NEW: More efficient virtual timers implementation for RT, it has been

back-ported from RT7.

- NEW: Improved PWR settings for STM32G4. - NEW: Improved boost settings for STM32G4. - NEW: Files mcuconf.h for STM32F746, F767, L432, L452, L476, L496 received

the missing setting STM32_WSPI_QUADSPI1_PRESCALER_VALUE.

- FIX: Fixed function nvicSetSystemHandlerPriority() failing with CM0+ cores

(bug #1199).

- FIX: Fixed several problems in STM32L4xx PLL and GPIO settings (bug #1198). - FIX: Fixed ARMCMx port, MPU not enabled when PORT_ENABLE_GUARD_PAGES is set

(bug #1195).

- FIX: Fixed removed incorrect ADCv4 checks for MONEN (bug #1194) - FIX: Fixed hang in spi_lld_ignore() in SPIv3 on H7 (bug #1193) - FIX: Fixed invalid RCC LPUART1 clock enable on STM32G0xx (bug #1189). - FIX: Fixed wrong configuration in testex LSM6DSL demos (bug #1184). - FIX: Fixed STM32 ADCv3 differences in headers (bug #1182). - FIX: Fixed DMAv1 compile fail on STM32L011 (bug #1181). - FIX: Fixed error in STM32_ADCCLK_MIN for STM32F37x/hal_lld.h (bug #1180). - FIX: Fixed direct calls to RT in STM32 RTCv2 and RTCv3 (bug #1179). - FIX: Fixed invalid DMAMUX settings in DMAv1 for some devices (bug #1176). - FIX: Fixed problem with RC initialization mask of the GPIO for the

STM32L4x3 (bug #1174).

- FIX: Fixed problem with N25Q driver (bug #1173). - FIX: Fixed missing constant in ADuCM36x hal_lld.c (bug #1166). - FIX: Fixed invalid STM32 TIM21/TIM22 debug freeze setting (bug #1164). - FIX: Fixed I2S-related definitions missing in STM32F3xx registry (bug #1162). - FIX: Fixed STM32 SDMMCv2 driver invalid initial clock settings (bug #1160). - FIX: Fixed wrong wait states calculation in STM32G4xx, insufficient

boost settings (bug #1159).

- FIX: Fixed warning in STM32 ADCv4 (bug #1158). - FIX: Fixed wrong check on HAL_USE_RTC in STM32G4 clock initialization

(bug #1157).

- FIX: Fixed wrong checks related to PLLSAI2 on L4 and L4+ (bug #1156). - FIX: Fixed STM32G431 DMA defines error (bug #1155). - FIX: Fixed errors in STM32L4xx registry (bug #1154). - FIX: Fixed QUADSPI errata fix applied to all platforms (bug #1153). - FIX: Fixed (again) LPUART1 support for STM32H7xx (bug #1113). - FIX: Fixed wrong behavior in Serial-USB driver (bug #1151). - FIX: Fixed L0x2 series DAC not allocated in registry (bug #1150). - FIX: Fixed inconsistent naming of SAI DMAMUX defines for STM32H7 (bug #1149). - FIX: Fixed TIM register layout difference for STM32G4 series (bug #1148). - FIX: Fixed STM32 QUADSPI driver problem when used with DMAv2 (bug #1147). - FIX: Fixed incorrect IRQ vector for PVM (bug #1146).