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An open-source toolkit for anthropomorphic spoken dialogue agent.

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Released at 2010-05-30 21:50
galatea-dialog galatea-dialog-20100530 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

This is the core of Galatea Dialog Studio (Linux).
The deb file is tested with Ubuntu Linux 10.04 (32bit desktop).


Since this version, AgentManager uses UTF-8 for character encoding. EUC-JP locale is not necessary to run this version, hopefully.

This package includes:

* UTF-8 based Dialog Studio (2.3.0)
* UTF-8 enabled gtalk binary

Bug fixes:

* skelton file of fsm.conf (background of kani-demo was wrong)


* Generated app (using galatea-generate) does not use ~/.galatea for tmp directory, but uses (app_dir)/tmp directory. It may help customizing module configuration.