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Project Description

IIIMF-SKK is a language engine module for IIIMF(Internet/Intranet Input Method Framework).
IIIMF-SKK provides a SKK(Simple Kana to Kanji conversion program, an input method of Japanese) like input method.

System Requirements

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Released at 2002-04-07 06:15
iiimf-skk 0.1.20 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Some internal functions are added, or re-structed.
so there will be more bugs than before, and a lot of works are needed.

SKKFUNC_TODAY are supported


* 0.1.20
- Fix a bug reported by bebe (
unexpected behavior when press [SukuN].
- change Ctrl+H behavior (same with IM_VK_BACKSPACE)
- If try to delete AddDictAuxHelper window, now window is closed
(before, not closed) and do skk_buffer_undo.
- add XSetErrorHandler to interface/{adddict.c,palette.c} to simply
ignore Error
- add skkfunc.c skkfunc.h skkfunc_private.h
- add skkkeymap.c skkkeymap.h skkkeysym.h
gint skk_keymap_do_func (SkkBuffer *buf, SkkFunc *func, gint key, gint mask)
- rewrite src/skk.c to use skkkeymap.
- add more Event Listener to lib/skkbuffer.c
void skk_buffer_add_adddict_listener
void skk_buffer_add_lookup_listener
void skk_buffer_add_codetable_listener
- Now doesn't filter an unused key. (ex.) Next,Prev)
- start supporting gtk+-2.0 (not yet worked).
- Add support SKKFUNC_TODAY
- when in LUC mode, and choice a candidate, add word to dict.
- a lot of minor bug fixes