BBoot boot loader

BBoot is a simple, minimal boot loader to load AmigaOS on pegasos2. It is meant as a replacement for amigaboot.of for use on emulated pegasos2 in QEMU, because amigaboot.of only works with the non-free board firmware, whereas BBoot also works with QEMU's built in Virtual Open Firmware (VOF). When used with VOF, besides loading AmigaOS modules BBoot also does PCI device configuration instead of the board firmware, that AmigaOS does not do and expects the firmware to do it. The AmigaOS kernel modules are loaded from a zip file which is passed with QEMU's -initrd option which needs at least QEMU 8.1 where it was added for pegasos2. For more information see the README in the source repository link.

Source repository | File releases | Alternative latest file release (in case OSDN is slow)