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QuickViewer is a graphic image viewer for comfortable browsing of many images. This software performs reading of image data in advance. And drawing the imported image data on the screen with OpenGL. You can browse images with much smoother response than ever before. QuickViewer is a free software lisenced under GPLv3. Public Web Site is here:

Released at 2017-06-29 17:02
Windows版zip QuickViewer-0.7.6

Name Size Hash Date Download count 20.31 MB 2017-06-29 17:03 17 16.75 MB 2017-06-29 17:03 6

Release Notes

Support for resizing Alpha Images by CPU, add Option Dialog, save memory

  • Support for resizing Alpha Images by CPU(zimg)
  • add Option Dialog(2 options)
    • slideshow wait
    • max of volume cache
  • save memory hack(x86)


  • α付き画像のCPUによるリサイズの対応(zimgによる)
  • オプション設定画面の追加(オプション2個)
    • スライドショーのウェイト
    • ボリュームキャッシュの最大数
  • メモリを節約する修正(x86)


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