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Released at 2006-03-29 22:22
scim-anthy scim-anthy-1.0.0 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Overview of Changes from scim-anthy-0.9.0 to scim-anthy-1.0.0
* Add symbol style preference (Thanks Akira TAGOH).
* Don't activate direct select key when the lookup window isn't shown
(Thanks Akira TAGOH).
* Fix credit.


2006-03-29 Takuro Ashie <>

* Version-1.0.0.

2006-03-29 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Don't activate direct select key when
the lookup window isn't shown. Thanks TAGOH-san.

2006-02-28 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_conversion.cpp: Strange bihavior of resizing segment
after partial commit has been fixed.

2006-02-14 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp: Modify order of symbol style.

2006-02-14 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp: Install symbol style properties.
* src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp: Show check box for symbol style label.

2006-02-13 Takuro Ashie <>

* data/atok.sty, data/canna.sty, data/msime.sty, data/vje-delta.sty,
data/wnn.sty: "/", "[", "]" entries in romaji table aren't needed

2006-02-13 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_factory.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_imengine.cpp,
src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp:
Add a preference to show or hide symbol style label on toolbar.
But label itself is not added yet.

2006-02-13 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp: Split symbol related preferences from
"Common" page. Change order of candidates in some combos.

2006-02-13 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_factory.cpp: Fix credit.
* po/ja.po: Update.

2006-02-08 Takuro Ashie <>

* po/ja.po: Update.

2006-02-08 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp: Add version information.

2006-02-08 Akira TAGOH <>

* src/scim_anthy_default_tables.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_factory.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_imengine.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_preedit.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_prefs.{cpp,h},
src/scim_anthy_reading.{cpp,h}, src/scim_anthy_setup.cpp:
Add symbol style preference.