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OSDN provides Wiki system to each project. You are able to edit pages as you like, of course you can also edit this page. Not only participating uses in the project, but also all of the OSDN users are able to edit this Wiki by default. You need to set up the authorization for the project.

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Recent Tickets

Request to switch anthy-unicode2020-11-13 16:34
I request to have an option to build scim-anthy with anthy-unicode because anthy has not been updated officially. I d...(None)
Request to be a project member2013-09-16 20:44
Dear Fellows, It's been one year since the gtk3 bug is submitted. http://sourceforge.jp/ticket/browse.php?group_id=...makeinu
Migration to gtk32012-07-24 16:33
I have made patches to migrate the scim-anthy and scim-skk to gtk3. Please take a look on them and consider accepting...(None)
カタカナ変換(F7): 「う゛」が「ヴ」にならず「ウ」+「゛」になる2009-11-04 13:02
「v[aiueo]」が「う゛[ぁぃ ぇぉ]」となるローマ字かなテーブルを使っている場合、 F7 でカタカナ変換すると、「う゛」が「...(None)
scim-anthy 月配列で句読点のスタイルが無効2009-07-09 11:15
再現方法: 1. かな入力のJISかな配列レイアウトを月(2-263)101USまたは106JPに. 2. 記号等の句読点のスタイルを「,.」...(None)