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Released at 2008-01-29 12:19
scim-canna scim-canna-1.0.1 (1 files Hide)

Release Notes

Overview of Changes from scim-canna-1.0.0 to scim-canna-1.0.1
* Fix a build problem on gcc-4.3.


2008-01-29 Takuro Ashie <>

* Version-1.0.1.

2008-01-23 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/canna_jrkanji.cpp, src/scim_canna_imengine.cpp,
Added missing include files to build against gcc-4.3.

2006-02-13 Takuro Ashie <>

* src/scim_canna_imengine_factory.cpp: Fix credit.