41.6.1 (2021-04-05)

  • Support for Intel C++ Compiler has been added.
  • The AVX-512 version can now be built with Clang.
  • MinGW builds were unable to open files larger than 2 GiB. This issue has been resolved.
  • Voice filters (LPF_BW, LPF12_2, and HPF12_2) have been optimized.
  • The linear/lagrange resamplers caused buffer overrun in some cases. This issue has been resolved.
  • Instruments with a lot of voices caused buffer overrun in some cases. This issue has been resolved.
  • You can now specify HPF12_2 with the command line switch --voice-hpf.

41.6.0 (2021-03-13)

  • Support for AVX-512.
  • Linear/lagrange resamplers for int32/float samples have been optimized.
  • The AVX2 version of linear resamplers was incorrect. This issue has been resolved.
  • Support for pitch/filter envelopes in sfz has been added.
  • Support for amp_keycenter, amp_keytrack, and amp_veltrack in sfz was incorrect. This is now removed.
  • The stack size has been increased to 16 MiB in order to prevent stack overflow.
  • The "Unique" button of the playlist window could crash the application. This issue has been resolved.
  • The layout of the preference dialog was broken on some systems. This issue has been resolved.

41.5.1 (2020-10-10)

  • UnkoTim237 was merged.
  • Sfz now supports cutoff, resonance, position, and width opcodes.
  • Pan implementation of DLS and sfz was fixed.
  • 24 bit FLAC samples were played with extremely small volume. This issue has been resolved.

41.5.0 (2020-09-06)

  • UnkoTim235 was merged.
  • Support for the following sfz opcodes has been implemented.
    • end
    • loop_mode=one_shot
    • trigger=release_key (trigger=release is now implemented as an alias of release_key)
    • rt_decay
    • Keyswitches (sw_default, sw_down, sw_hikey, sw_hilast, sw_last, sw_lokey, sw_lolast, sw_previous, sw_up)
    • Crossfade (xf_keycurve, xf_velcurve, xfin_hikey, xfin_hivel, xfin_lokey, xfin_lovel, xfout_hikey, xfout_hivel, xfout_lokey, xfout_lovel)
  • When loading an sfz instrument, the same warnings may be printed multiple times. This issue has been resolved.
  • WDMKS/WASAPI shared mode outputs were handling 24 bit outputs incorrectly. This issue has been resolved.
  • TiMidity no longer downsamples large sample data embedded in MOD files.
  • The open file/folder dialogs have been changed to use the new IFileDialog interface introduced in Windows Vista.
  • Dragging/scrolling behavior of the new console window has been improved.
  • The GUI response time has been improved.

41.4.5 (2020-08-01)

  • UnkoTim234 has been merged.
  • Sf3 files containing both compressed and non-compressed samples are now supported.
  • The PortAudio output mode did not always perform the bit-depth conversion. This issue has been resolved.
  • The playlist search did not work at all. This issue has been resolved.

41.4.4 (2020-07-11)

  • UnkoTim233 has been merged.
  • mpg123.dll has been updated to 1.26.2.
  • vorbis.dll has been updated to 1.3.7.
  • SF2 files larger than 2 GB are now supported.
  • When TiMidity failed to open the audio device, it did not respond to the play button any more. This issue has been resolved.
  • Sometimes large text data caused out-of-bounds memory access. This issue has been resolved.

41.4.3 (2020-05-20)

  • UnkoTim232 has been merged.
  • mpg123.dll has been updated to 1.26rc3.
  • Support for WM_APPCOMMAND messages has been added. You can now control the player by pressing play/stop key on a keyboard.
  • The memory leaks in the WASAPI code were fixed.

41.4.2 (2020-03-25)

  • The full path to the SMF file will no longer be embedded in FLAC or Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Fixed mojibake in title information embedded in Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Worked around the issue that the sound is interrupted by GUI operation during playbacks.
  • Fixed the seek bar jump near the end of a playback.

41.4.1 (2020-03-05)

  • Support for looping between loopStart - loopEnd markers has been added.
  • New command line options: --vorbis-comment and --vorbis-embed-loop
  • The Ogg Vorbis output mode now allows embedding title, artist, and album tags.
  • Fixed the bug where use of the -o option caused double-free.

41.4.0 (2020-02-16)

  • UnkoTim228 was merged.
  • vorbisenc.dll and vorbisfile.dll were extracted from vorbis.dll.
  • A new options to embed loop information in ogg vorbis files was added.
  • New options to prevent the computer from sleeping and/or to keep the monitors on while playing were added.

41.3.11 (2019-11-11)

  • Updated FLAC to 1.3.3.
  • Updated libmpg123 to 1.25.13.
  • Updated libogg to 1.3.4.
  • Updated PDCurses to 3.9.
  • Merged some of the patches submitted to the upstream.
  • Fixed a bug where the selection of the console window was not cleared when you cleared the console.

41.3.10 (2019-09-06)

  • Support for round robin was added.
  • Support for seq_length, seq_position, lorand, and hirand were added in sfz.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mojibake and buffer overrun when you choose an output file/folder.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented insertion effect from working correctly when compute threads were enabled.

41.3.9 (2019-08-11)

  • Fixed the bug where the filter was missing from the open/save playlist dialog.

41.3.8 (2019-08-09)

  • Merged UnkoTim227.
  • Fixed the bugs that caused some samples to crash the program.
  • Fixed the issue where the scrolling display of text in the main panel was garbled.
  • Users are now asked whether to reload the cfg file when the cfg file setting was changed.
  • If SetThreadDescription() function is available, the program will name the threads.

41.3.7 (2019-06-26)

  • Recently used .cfg files are now saved in timidity_history.ini and shown in a drop-down.
  • Fixed the issue where the resampler may cause buffer overruns.
  • Fixed the layout of the English dialogs.
  • Fixed the "Options" menu item to show the preference dialog with the output tab selected.
  • Fixed the MinGW-w64 Unicode builds.
  • Fixed some encoding errors.

41.3.6 (2019-05-18)

  • Updated opus.dll to 1.3.1.
  • Updated pdcurses.dll to 3.8.
  • Play list/document files now support both UTF-8 and Shift_JIS text encodings.
  • Fixed memory leak when using DLS files.