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2007-11-02 20:37
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Fumihiko Akazawa
3.31 - Change Log
   * It corresponds to the print the retrieval result of metadata.
   * Notice message of listitem.php 323line is corrected.
   * The violation of the HTML format by the item list of binder is corected.
   * When file upload dir is a subdirectory of /tmp and /var/tmp, in a set test,it is corrected to NG that it was OK.
   * It is corrected that the title of a browser of the item list was garbled when the index is Japanese.
   * It is corrected that it becomes the one that ID was made a radical linking ahead when there is ID in the item on the list screen.
   * OK corrects no operation of fileinfo occasionally by a set check.
   * When it is three row design when the page of the event log is displayed in Japanese, it is too narrow and corrects the crumble of the layout.
   * It is corrected that the download of the event log according to the item doesn't operate normally.
   * Error message of conference view.php 424line is corrected.
   * The violation of the format of the response of the OAI-PMH repository is corrected.
   * It is corrected that the link of most searched keywords of ranking is strange.
   * It is corrected to fail in download in the change of the language of sysutil use.
   * It is corrected that the retrieval operates by paper PublicationYear in a detailed retrieval.