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c9321bb62023-05-21 09:37:26sebastian_bugiuFixed in order to get it to work with VS 2022.
cbf099c52016-10-04 07:55:49sebastian_Added '_' prefix for all level files. Something messed up...
4f7236ce2016-10-04 07:47:58sebastian_Bug fix for boiler when the boss did not have a dying event.
e0ddc7662016-10-04 06:15:43sebastian_Added boiler explosion and boss deaths.
3b3df6e72016-10-04 03:23:53sebastian_Added gate control.
3eb1fe4e2016-10-03 05:46:03sebastian_Got rid of event relation.
dcc9e8c62016-10-02 04:28:17sebastian_Reshuffled map 2 with 3.
269db6592016-10-02 04:15:19sebastian_Added event chaining.
d55703822016-09-28 03:11:39sebastian_Added The Man menu.
2cc8a0692016-09-27 01:49:19sebastian_Removed obj files. Updated hgignore to not add them anymore.

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